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Color a Cell in a Table based on value from Formula

Hello, I'm struggling with the below. The formula works perfect as a Master Measure, what I want to do is highlight the cell in RED if the answer is below 120 and GREEN if equal to 120 or greater.


" IF((((((Sum({<TCODE={'IN'}>} AMOUNT))-(Sum({<TCODE={'CN'}>} AMOUNT)))-((Sum({<TCODE={'IN'}>} PROFIT))-(Sum({<TCODE={'CN'}>} PROFIT))))/(SUM(ONHAND*LTSTCOST)))*(((Sum({<TCODE={'IN'}>} PROFIT))-(Sum({<TCODE={'CN'}>} PROFIT)))/((Sum({<TCODE={'IN'}>} AMOUNT))-(Sum({<TCODE={'CN'}>} AMOUNT))))*100)>'120', 'RED',) "

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