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Contributor II
Contributor II

Color by dimension affecting the calculation on chart: bug?


I have a line chart to show market share evolution by YearMonth. It actually contains a variable that will change dimensions and measures depending on selections, but this issue only affects one of the cases that I will now expose.

Dimensions: YearMonth and Products

Measure: Market Share

Color: Auto -> Working fine!

            By Dimension = Product -> All the lines show 100%! 😮 

How is it possible that by changing the color the calculation is different? This should never happen.

I'll add some screenshots hiding the legend values just to show you, color in auto mode shows correct values, color by dimension only shows 100% for all products.

Anyone encountered something similar? It really looks like a bug.





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Would you be able to share a sample where we can see the issue?
Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Stalwar,

Don't think I can share it as it is client data and I'm not sure I will be able to reproduce the issue in a local environment, but the issue is as I show in the screenshots:

Select Automatic Colors -> The is one line per product, with different values between 0 and 100%

Select Colors by Product Dimension -> One single line is showed in the chart with a value of 100% 

No other changes are done on the chart, just this.

Contributor II
Contributor II

New info after some investigation.

This is working fine in a Qlik desktop, February release.

Server release was updated a few days ago to the latest version.

It's looking even more like a bug of the new release...


I'm also encountering this issue... ☹️