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Continuous Time in X axis


I need to create a Line Chart like this:



  • integer values on Y Axis for each minute
  • time values on X Axis


Also, X Axis:

  1. Should not diplay all hh:mm:ss with a very long scroll bar.
    it's good (like the image up here) to show hh:mm "sometimes" on X Axis without a scroll bar;
  2. The hh:mm shown "sometimes" on X Axis should in some way be "rounded" (for example, every hour: 20:00, 21:00... not random numbers like the image up here)
  3. Time over 24h must be shown like 25h, 26h etc.


I tried these solutions:

  • convert String Values in Continuous Time OR Interval values for x axis,
    so the Y Axis has values for each minute and point (1) written below is satisfied.
    • convert String Values in Time values for x axis
      satisfies point (2) but does not satisfy point (3)
    • convert String Values in Interval values for x axis
      satisfies point (3) but does not satisfy point (2)

Please, does anyone have suggestions for me?

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Creator III
Creator III

i know how to get a continous axis with custom date fields: adding thte $date tag to the field.
But unfortunately there is no $time tag. You may try the field tag: $timestamp
So in load script format your time to Time and after loading your table you simply write:


tag yourfieldname with $timestamp;


If this doesn't work, my only solution would be to fake a custom x-Axis. by hiding the axis complete and use custom dimension lines (under Add-ons).

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