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Differences between Section Access in QlikView and QlikSense

I previously posted a detailed document called Making Sense of Qlik Sense this post is simply intended to be a landing spot for those searching and trying to understand the differences between implementing Section Access in QlikView versus implementing it in Qlik Sense. Hopefully this easy snapshot helps those who are already familiar with QlikView know what to consider when moving to and trying to implement Section Access inside of Qlik Sense. The differences aren't huge but they are gotchas if you don't know about them in advance.

If you run across other differences feel free to add your comments.


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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

You can now test our new Product SAM that will fully automate Section Access Generation product.

It is no longer necessary to maintain a section access list in Excel or in your database, SAM offers you a complete web application that will secure all your data accesses.

A user can request access to an application with a simple form. Then administrators get notified and can assign the RESTRICTIONS and OMITS from the proposed fields values. User access are generated from on a single line per user, no need to generate tedious cartesian products and include all values to get a "*" value working correctly .

Moreover SAM is able to generate an automatic access section from the authorizations of the QMC, a time saving for simple cases.

More details on our website or contact me at






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nice and simple explanation....

Great thanks to Dalton_Ruer..