Making Sense of Section Access in Qlik Sense

    I recently spent a lot of time digging through materials trying to prepare for a webinar I did today on Section Access in Qlik Sense.


    What I found was that while there are a gajillion posts on Section Access in QlikView I found very little detail about Section Access in Qlik Sense. So I whined and belly ached and moaned and pointed fingers and ... just kidding I created some. The attached 13 page document contains what I think is a really good primer on how to implement Section Access in Qlik Sense.


    It covers:

    How to implement Row Level Security

    What an * really does

    Explains the difference between USER and ADMIN as an access type

    How to handle Section Access via a file or a database instead of just INLINE

    How to implement Column Level Security so you can hide PII and PHI

    How to implement a combination of Row and Column Level security for when you need Bob to have access to most of the details for Department 42 and Department 44 but he should only see the PII for the employees in Department 42.


    Yeah it's that comprehensive. But feel free to comment and add anything that you feel others might need to know. Or describe other use cases and share the code you used.


    Disclaimer: I spent about 40 hours researching which included a lot of trial and believe me ... error. So I apologize in advance for the fact that the document isn't "pretty." I simply ran out of time.


    Didn't get an engraved invitation to the webinar that I did where I walk through everything in the document and wish to watch it ... you can catch it on demand at: