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Does column length in SQL/SF table matter when reading data into QlikSense?

Hello all,


We are reading data from SF and our app runs for a day and still fails to complete.

Upon investigation, we saw that the default column length in SF (set by SF) is ridiculous. A column that fits max 100 chars is of ~11K length.


So, my question is, do we need to remap or adjust the column lengths in SF to improve our loading speed in QlikSense?


How does qliksense determines the column length and if there is such a thing in Qlik?




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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II


I don't know if this really faces your problem but since an update of some database connection implementations in QlikCloud there are some limitations when there is ne need to extract more than 255 characters from Db table columns.

AFAIK there are currently to workarounds to deal with that:

No. 1)

Which uses the SQL "CAST" command to tell  QlikCloud to handle the db table column as if it where of another type, i.e. 


CAST("columname" as CHARACTER VARYING(16384)),


BUT: From what we know,  this works only up to 16384 characters and i.e. TEXT fields which can carry unlimited characters will still be extracted with max. 16384 chars and the any char beyond is not being extracted. 


The following No. 2 works stable and robust: 

No. 2) Add this advanced parameter when creating an DB connection in QlikCloud:

useBulkReader= false



Using this parameter will allow you to extract all content from db fields, even from Postgres TEXT fields. 


Hope that helps.