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Contributor II

Exclude data from an expression


is it any possibility to exclude a sub-set of data from an Expression in QlikView ?

I would like to exclude CountryCode='IN' from Region='APJI'. 

=num(Count(DISTINCT(if(INPR?='INPR' and Group='VEND' and Team = 'INPR' and Region = 'APJI'
and [Calendar Day]+'1' <=[Change Date],([Vendor])))),'#,##0')

(Below the Region of APJI there are a lot of CountryCodes, but I only want to exclude India 'IN' in one object/table. I can not move it from the script, because I will need Region field APJI as a whole for the other objects/tables.)

Thank you in advance for the help! 🙂


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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

hello @Lilla_Szabo 

you should try setanalysis instead of IF in formulas

the following exclude India

=Count(DISTINCT {< INPR?={'INPR'},Group={'VEND'},Region={'APJI'},Team={'INPR'},Region{'APJI'},Country=-{'IN'} >} [Vendor])



or you could combine o exclude part of the Sets

count({<SET1>-<SET2>} sales)

=Count(DISTINCT {< INPR?={'INPR'},Group={'VEND'},Team={'INPR'}  > < Region={'APJI'}, Country={'IN'}  >} [Vendor])

think it this way



Hope this helps.


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