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Creator III
Creator III

Full Custom Corporate QlikSense theme in less than 5-minutes

Hello everyone,

Attached is a QVS script (and QVW) and set of related Custom QlikSense theme to build a (corporate) Custom QlikSense theme in less than 5-minutes.

  1. In the script, edit the "RGB_Base" inline table.
  2. Leave the colour names as they currently are in the inline table (in order to use the attached Custom Theme master template), but change the colour RGB values to the ones that you want to use from the corporate (branding) colour palette or colour palette you have chosen.
  3. Run the script. It creates a set of tables which build the structure of what is required.
  4. The script creates a full colour palette with RGB, ARGB and HEX colours with 100%, 75%, 55%, 40% and 25% opacity. The expressions in the script calculate all the values and increases each colour in the palette by these 4 (derived) extra colours.
  5. The script first creates a set of colours in VARs that can be put in an external QVS for all your apps. This gives you the capacity to reach the colour in any app using the naming-convention "c[colourname][opacity]" (e.g. cPurple75 is a 'solid' purple colour with 75% opacity). Extract the contents of "FullVariableScriptLine" column and insert in a QVS which you call for with an include.
  6. Extract the "ColourName_QS_CustomTheme" column and replace the attached JSON lines 5 to line 74. Create a ZIP (change the attached CSS if you want to) and deploy the extension to your server.
  7. Extract the "ColourName_QS_CSS" column and add to your mashups CSS and you can call for the colours in your HTML.

Hope this helps.



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What a great idea. Use QlikView to generate themes for Qlik Sense. 😍