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Partner - Contributor

Get current selections with qlik json api

Hi all,

I'm building a react mashup using enigma js and JSON API. Could anyone help me with how do I get the current selections in the apps? I was using enigma-mixin to get the current selections but the engima mixin mSelectionsAll function only returns 6 selected values in a field even if I have more than 6 fields values selected. 

Could you anyone help with alternative solutions?

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Contributor II
Contributor II


For example, you can create a variable which will store all selections in a json string format. Then you can get it, parse an use it in the mashup. But you should take into account that it can contain "selectMatch" expressions instead of an array of actual values.


Also you can create a List ( app.createList(config, callback) ) for each field you need and get values in a callback. But this seems like an overkill.

That is all I can suggest.