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Contributor III
Contributor III

Getting Average Not Working Properly


I have a stacked VizLib bar chart that is sort of working, but not completely (see attachment). The segment titled No. of Publications is showing the correct number. The grey stack Avg. Altmetric Score is not. The first column, ACE is correct. However, what's happening in the other columns is that Qlik is taking the average of that column, and adding it to the one to the left. So SSWR should show an average of 10 instead of 106 (96 + 10). CSS should show 13 instead of 118 (106+12), and SHC should show 30instead of 148. I am using a simple measure Avg([Altmetric Score]). Now, if I click on the group (ACE, CSS, etc.), then the numbers are correct. It's only when I am showing totals for all. The two columns that the information is coming from are National Research Program and Altmetric Score. National Research Program is where ACE, CSS, SHC and SSWR are, and the Altmetric Score column is the numerical score. 


Thanks in advance, 


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