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How to change the Styling properties of a Pie Chart via Theme

Dear Qlikers,

I am creating a new theme and to keep the pie charts consistent in all sheets and applications, I would like to define in my theme the same properties that I have in the Styling menu of the pie charts. Please, see the image for a better understanding of those properties are found in the App Edit Mode.

I checked the QS Help for the Pie Chart regarding those properties, but I didn't find them there.


Could anyone send me an example of how can I implement that the Styling properties using the JSON file for the theme?

If it is not possible to implement it there, can it be done using the respective CSS file for my theme? An example would also be much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Huberto Pereira Haidemann

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Unfortunately, I have to conclude that the only pie chart style elements that can be set via a theme are axis and label.  I assume that the others are set through the property panel.  As such, the best I can propose is to keep these settings in a file, after adding your first pie chart in an app use the options/developer Developer menu and copy..paste from your file.  You can then duplicate that pie chart as many times as you like.

It should be possible to do this using the APIs, but that's a completely different approach.



Hi @rbartley,

Thank you very much for your time to help me out with such a question, really appreciated it.

That was also my conclusion but as I don't have enough knowledge about web development, I thought there would be a way to do it. However, as you said, it is not possible.

Thanks once again and best regards,