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How to clear Qlik Sense selection

Hi there

I'm using Qlik Sense Enterprise.

How can selections in Qlik Sense be cleared? Each time I open a Sense App the same selections are already made. There is no ability to 'save' the current selections or to clear all selections and then save so that each time the app is open, there are no selections made.

This is causing a particular problem for me, because there is a selection / filter on a field that I do not want users to be able to change, as it doesn't feature any filter panes that I have set up.


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Did not work for me. What did work was excluding that row in my transactions. It's likely an exit script in the beginning of the script would work too.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


Can someone help me? This is happening to me right now.

I'm using November 2018 version and I can't clear one of my Calendar fields.

I've tried to import/export to desktop version but didn't work.

Thanks in advance, Fukumoto.
Contributor II
Contributor II

Based on my training, I was not told to download the sheet to open within the Qlik desktop app. This is on the SaaS cloud server.  How can I get this removed?

Its showing up for all my end users right now.