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Contributor II
Contributor II

Improved Qlik Sense Tables

Hi all,

I have been working on creating a new extension in QlikSense that utilizes the DataTables plug-in ( for the jQuery Javascript library.  I have it working in all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), but the extension object I created fails when I attempt to load the same extension object in IE.  Unfortunately due to a firm business requirement I must get this working in IE!  The point of failure is occurring with the Async/Await not being compatible with IE (this is needed to ensure all the data is loaded from the "backendApi.getData" call before rendering the extension object.

Has anyone had any success loading DataTables as an application extension inside of Qlik Sense and more specifically getting the extension object to work inside of IE?  If not - does anyone have any recommendations of data table objects that perform better than the current native data table in Qlik Sense?

Here are a few of the "nice to haves" above and beyond what the native Qlik Sense data table has to provide/offer:

  • Ability to put a hyperlink in a cell
  • Ability to manually size columns - based on end user defined/set
  • Ability to pick up and move columns around - custom order by individual user define/set
  • Ability to hide/show columns
  • Ability to sort multiple columns of data (multi-level sorting)
  • Ability to save existing state (of above individual user defined items) of table when the browser and/or app and/or sheet is closed - navigated away from - return to same view upon return.
  • Ability to "freeze" or "dock" the first column or columns to the left ensuring the user doesn't have to continuously scroll left and right across the table
  • Ability to alternate the color coding across displayed rows (all odd number rows one color and all the even number rows a different color)
  • Ability to put in summary rows and total rows (as exists in normal Qlik Sense object)
  • Ability to have multiple table extensions on the same sheet/page - function as would be expected inside Qlik Sense environment/platform.

Curious to know what others might be using to meet these needs.  Thanks in advance for your support and assistance; greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Ian

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