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Contributor III
Contributor III

Insights Advisor on Published App


It looks like for published apps, the Insights Advisor can only work on Master Dimensions and Master Measures. Why is this the case? In unpublished apps in the Work stream, the Insights Advisor is so much more versatile as you can freely create queries based on any aggregation, field, and filter.

For example, say you want users to create measures based on a field called [Value]. In an unpublished app, you can freely write "show me sum of Value", "show me max of Value", "show me min of Value", "show me avg of Value" and Insights Advisor will create what you requested.

In order for this to work in a published app, "sum of Value", "max of Value", "min of Value" needs to be explicitly created as Master measures for Insights Advisor to work. This is cumbersome and based on the app it would create the need to countless Master Measures that would be a nightmare to maintain.

Can someone confirm that I am correct in my analysis? Is there a workaround so that the users can still maintain semblance of what they are able to do in an unpublished app?

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