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Contributor II

Issues with a conditional count expression

Hi everyone,


I'm sure this is a basic question with a basic fix, but I'm using a few KPI's in an app that return relatively simple counts of Members in a community and how many have been trained. For the most part this was extemely simple to create, but I've run into an issue when I use my "Training Location" filter. The number of total members KPI updates to show the number of people who have been trained at that location, but the number of total members who attended remains the overall total and doesn't adjust to the filter.


For example if I select "Washington DC" in my "Training Location" filter, the count goes from 131 total members to 23 (the number of people who attended the training in DC). However, the count of total members trained remains at 71, rather than adjusting to 23 like it should.


The expression I'm using for the first KPI (Total Members) is a simple one: count(ID)


The expression I'm using for the second KPI is also relatively simple: Count({<[Training Location]={"Huntsville","Washington DC","Kansas City"}>}ID)


How do I adjust that second KPI so it responds to ALL of the filter selections, most importantly the "Training Location" filter?

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Accepted Solutions

Try this

Count({<[Training Location] *= {"Huntsville", "Washington DC", "Kansas City"}>} ID)

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Try this

Count({<[Training Location] *= {"Huntsville", "Washington DC", "Kansas City"}>} ID)