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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Limit straight table with dimensions to only the most recent data

Hello. I am working on a straight table with around 20+ dimensions and there are no measures. Is there any way to limit the straight table to show only the most recent record only.

Eg of current Qlik staright table:

EmpID |  RequestID | City 

1                   10                 Newyork

1                   11                 Madison

2                   12                 Washington

3                   13                 Seattle

3                   14                  Jersey City

I have a UniqueID field which is always auto generated based on most recent time stamp. But my requirement doesn't have to display that UniqueID field. Any idea or recommendations would be helpful to display only the most recent record only. Thanks


Desired Output:

EmpID | City 

1                Madison

2                 Washington

3                  Jersey City

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@santho_ak  can you please elaborate? It is bit confusing that you don't want to show one column and want to show latest updated records only which is quite a different thing

Creator II
Creator II

Changing the City dimension to the below should work- 

aggr(only({<RequestID = {$(=concat(distinct aggr(max(RequestID),EmpID),','))}>}City),EmpID)