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Link a sheet from another app into my app


I have two apps named A1 and A2. I have two sheets S1 in A1 app and S2 in A2 app. I have a sheet menu in A1 app which has a sheet item for S2. Since S2 lives in another app, I am linking it using 'open URL ' action on sheet menu and providing the link of the sheet. This approach works fine. However once any of the app is republished, the sheet links do change and I need to update the link every time I republish the app. 

My apps and sheet are growing and changing the links is getting cumbersome even though I have a config file where i read the links from.

It would be nice to have a programmatic way to get the sheet name or sheet ID dynamically so that nothing has to change in the code or config ever. Please suggest options to achieve this. 




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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi Madhura,

I suggest you create a table which have the App ID, the Sheet ID inside or the link you want... 

and when you republish, update the table with the new reference ID, and this would minimize your impact... 

Hope this helps