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Partner - Creator

Linking Tables

Hi !

I Have the next data model, a FACT table, some dim tables and there is also a budget table (the one named presupuesto), linked to one dimension (Product).

Fact is linked to product with productID, and product is linked with Presupuesto (Budget) with producto (which is the product name)


What I want to achieve is linked the the Fact date with Presupuesto date. Fact dates are daily dates while presupuesto are month year dates,

Let´s say I create a field monthyear and named it as %FECHA which is the key  date of FACT, I will have a ciircular reference because Fact will be linked to Presupuesto with the date, presupuesto to producto with Product, and producto with Fact by Product ID,


Any idea about how I can solve this issue ? Someone told me about link tables or generic keys, but I am not very sure about how to apply them




Thanks in advance !!



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I think you're looking for this:


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