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Contributor II
Contributor II

Lose master visualizations when duplicating App

I am trying to duplicate an App I've created, but have run into several issues when doing so.

1. It seems that in the duplicate App,  only sheets that are published and approved get copied. An inconvenience, but workable.

2. Master Visualizations appear to not carry over to the Duplicated App. This is a show stopper- I have created several master visualizations, and then use them in custom objects. Once I open the duplicated App, they are all gone.  

Looking for guidance or insight.


4 Replies

1. Cool
2. I tried same doing Right click of the App in workspace to duplicate. I can see all visualizations as well.
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Contributor II
Contributor II

Is there any way to retain the master visualizations when duplicating an App?


This does seem like an unintended "feature" and I experience the same. It's actually QUITE frustrating.

Creator II
Creator II

I am having an issue where when I duplicate the app, the colors of the master dimension are set to Auto rather than the colors that I set. I am using Feb '21 version.

Any idea why?