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Map chart & KML on custom floorplan


my goal ist to take a custom floor plan (in this example a sailboat) and mark the contained rooms in that plan so i can address them in Qlik Sense.
Both, the floor plan and that geo-data i would like to use in a Qlik Sense Map chart to display kpi data on it.
Important: Behind thy created room-shapes i have to display the original floorplan as a background.
Example of a visual end result is attached (endresult.png).

What i did so far:
1. i downloaded QGIS, imported my floorplan and defined the rooms as polygons on it
2. i exported the polygon data as KML coordinates
3. i created a sense app, imported KML data and kpi dummy data, took a map chart, created an area layer and set the data points

The KML data and connected kpi data are displayed correctly (sense_map_without_bg.png).
So far so good ...

My problem is now to display the backgound in the right position behind the KML data.
When i create a background layer and set my floorplan as an image, they dont match in any way (zoom and location).
I guess that is understandable since Qlik doesnt now how to match them.
I wonder now what i can do to make them be displayed correctly to each other like show in endresult.png.

Would be very gald for some advice.
Thanks a lot!

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