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Creator II
Creator II

Multi KPI extension ignores dimension in charts?

In a Multi-KPI object from the visualization bundle, I added a KPI like sum(sales). Then I added a dimension like "Country" and then I added a measure 'Drag and drop here' to drag a linechart master-visualization with sum(sales) over time into the grid

What is the expected result?
With 3 countries I should see the sum(sales) per country in a grid and below each country the sum sales and the development of sum(sales) over time just for that country.

What is the actual result?
I see the correct sum(sales) for each of the countries, BUT
the linechart does not reflect the dimension "country" still reacting ( but all 3 the same) to any selection.

Even worse: If one country is selected, the 3 charts change all to that country and when selection is applied (green hook) the chart disappears. Once the selection is removed, for that country the grid is empty where the chart was for that country and only the other two still have a chart (again both the same)

Any idea what causes the behaviour? Is it a bug or a feature ?

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Made the exact same post when this feature came out. Never got an answer...