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Contributor III
Contributor III

Multi KPI visual filtering

Hello everyone,

I've been exploring the Multi KPI object and I notice a couple of things which are a bit strange:

- when setting up the object, after adding the 'Drag and Drop here', I can put different graphs in the various columns, defined by the dimension I'm using; However, once I go out of edit mode, the graphs eventually become all the same - is this the expected behaviour?

- when using the graphs (Master Visualizaiton) in Multi KPI they don't get filtered by the column they're in. To give you an idea - I'm using a sample Movies database: the dimension I'm splitting the KPIs by is CountryName of the movie and the Master Visualization is a simple bar chart showing the profit by Studio. Surprisingly, everywhere I get the same bar chart, regardless of the country, which is surprising - I would expect to get, for example, German studios in the Germany segment and US studios in the US segment; 

              - using the 'group by dimension' I'm sometimes getting the desired result, but only when I use a filter applied from another object; However, what I'm aiming for is to filter the bar charts visual by the dimension that the rest of the KPIs are split by - does anyone know a way around this?


Thank you!



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