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ODAG QlikSense how to force a variable to populate

I'm creating a Selector app for an ODAG dashboard in QlikSense and haven't figured out how to force a variable to be passed to the Viewer app.


I'm connecting to SQL database sources and in the Selector I am narrowing down an [item] table and want someone to be able to select by a Type variable. In the [item] table the type is represented by a type_code which is a key to a [type] table that contains type_code, type_description.

In the Selector app I want to include a filter pane that shows type_description, but its type_code that I need sent to the Viewer app. Its a lot of data so to have do a string parse on type_description in the Viewer is much slower than querying on the index-optimized type_code.

When I create the scenario above, ODAG wants to only send type_description, because that is what is being selected. How can I force it to also send (the correct) type_code?

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