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Partner - Creator

ODAG can accept direct variable values instead of field selections ?

Actually ODAG requires field values to be selected and they are used to apply a filter in the script of the template. 

When working with small dimensions it´s ok , but I have some use cases with fields with millions of unique values (personal ID). Searching on a field with a million of ids is quite slow s and user need to pick only one to start to generate the on demand app with detailed information related to the id selected.

My requirement is to provide a user with a variable input box in the main app to enter the personal id. The personal id is now stored in a variable and this variable could be used as a parameter for the ODAG template.

The great advantage here is there is no need to load a field with millions of unique values in-memory, just an app with an input box and maybe other fields but with few unique values.

Does it make sense ?

Pablo Labbe

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As far as I know, you can't pass variable values in ODAG. I don't think Qlik intended ODAG for the use case you're describing, but it'd make a good enhancement request to be able to pass variable values in my opinion. Not only would that allow you to achieve the select-from-large-list scenario you're describing, but it would also potentially allow users to trigger ODAG apps with values that aren't in the selection app yet (recently added to the DB and the selection app hasn't been reloaded yet) by typing them in, assuming the developer handles this properly. If you add it to the Ideation area, post here and I'll go add a like.


Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator