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Pivot Table claculation

Need your assistance with pivot table in Qlik Sense.
The pivot columns are time dimensions (such as month, year, etc.)
The rows are dimensions such as items, customers, etc. 
We would like to calculate an average sales per working day. 
we are using calendar table with a flag '1' for each working day. 
When we are summarizing the days we are getting results only for the days where the items was sold and not for the entire month. 
for example: march 2019 : 25 working days, items sold :100K$ in only 2 days only. 
we expect that the result will be: 100K/25=4000, but instead we get 100K/2=50K.
**Pivot Table: sum(amount)/sum(working day flag**

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How about this?

sum(amount)/Count({<Working day flag = {1}>} [working day flag])

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