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Contributor II
Contributor II

QLIK Sense - querying TM1 Cube via REST Api

Hi all,

we're trying to get data from a specified view of a TM1 cube. The only interface is the TM1 Rest API, ODBC does'nt work.

We haven't the knowlwdge to get all data from the view (columns, dimensions, cell values) in one REST API call.

Does someone have experiences with the REST Api calls to TM1 or an another connector (maybe ODBC)?

Thanks and best regards


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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi MN,

I appreciate you have probably solved this now but I just wanted to confirm this is possible.  I have been working on something similar and just replied to another old post just in case anyone goes looking for similar info.

You can bring back a cube view and the various elements into Qlik Sense using the Qlik REST connector connecting to the TM1 Rest API using a POST method call such as: https://localhost:8010/api/v1/ ('pnlcube')/Views('view1')/tm1.Execute?$expand=Axes($expand=Hierarchies($select=Name),Tuples($expand=Members($select=Name))),Cells

The performance between both is excellent.

The response I put together elsewhere on the forum is here:

Hope this helps someone in the future...