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Qlik Rest API

Does the Qlik REST API Connector offer any way of somehow combining multiple API requests into one request? I’d like to make multiple requests to the Facebook Graph API (see requesturl.doc) to obtain the number of followers for a list of Instagram accounts my company manages. Currently, I’m able to get the followers count for a single Instagram account (see requestparams.doc), but I’d like to be able to somehow tell Qlik to loop through a list of Instagram account handles so that I don’t have to set up separate Qlik REST API Connections for each account. Additionally, is there any way to leverage the Qlik Facebook Insights Connector to accomplish this? I do not see any table(s) for Instagram account information, but I may be overlooking something. Of course, I will continue to search Facebook’s API documentation for ways to write the query string to accommodate multiple API requests, but I figured it would be worth a shot to ask here as well

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