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Qlik Sense Desktop will not work at all! Help!

I have been having this problem ever since I installed version 3 in which upon opening the application, it gives some sort of error message which will go away after pressing F5. I just upgraded to the newest release and now the error message has changed and refreshing no longer seems to work. The error message is:

{"type":"error","severity":"WARNING","message":"The service did not respond or could not process the request"}

This morning I was able to get the F5 to work, but I had to press it at least 67 times. I see similar users have been experiencing this issue but all of the solutions seem to be F5. When this doesn't work, what are some other things that can be done? I have already tried a fresh install.

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Contributor III
Contributor III


this happens to me as well.  What I do is hit the "Ctrl+F5" key several times and it usually gets me in.

However, you can do this as it works great for me.  After you launch the Desktop, using Chrome (I have not tested other browsers), type in the address:  http://localhost:4848/hub/my/work

This will display the local Hub and you can work from there instead of the Desktop. 

Try it and let me know.