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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

Qlik sense - treemap problem with calculation condition


I'm facing a problem with calculation condition in data handling of treemap object.

What's happening is that treemap obejct is being calculated even if the calculation condition returns false.

In the same sheet I have a pivot table with the same expression as calculation condition and it works as expected, that is until the condition is not true the message (saying what it needed to be selected) is displayed.

As result the end user have to wait about 40 seconds, seeing the attached image, until the message I said before is being displayed.

Even worse this happening for every field selection.

Did someone face the same behavior ?

I'm using Qlik Sense Server June '18 Patch 1 version.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Best Regards


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What is your calculation discussion?

Is this based on the calculation itself?

Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

the calculation condition i'm using is someting as below:

GetSelectedCount(field1) = 1 and GetSelectedCount(field2) = 1, and so on...

it's very very simple.


I had a similar problem in one of my views for a customer.

With the latest edition of Qlik Sense Desktop (and Server, I take), September 2018, you can now hide columns on a condition.



I used this condition in every column that has a "complicated" measure.

So this way, only the columns that I decided would load when getting to the view and to get the rest, thus the ones that take quite a bit to load, you would need to select at least one value of [NACPRDNR].

Hope this helps.


Tim P.