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Contributor II
Contributor II

Range Average without Grouping

Hi All,

I have a chart related problem.

I have a KPI that works out the average of a % field based on filters selected.

The Expression is:

=Avg([Total Overpayments LEO %])


My problem is, I need to work our the above for the last 12 months on a rolling basis.

I have this Expression, and I thought it worked, however, it does not match if I select only 12 months of data for the expression above. The expression is:

rangeavg(above(Avg([Total Overpayments LEO %]),0,12))

Now, I know what the problem is, I just dont know how to rectify it.

The First expression is working out the average of all of the % in the [Total Overpayments LEO %]

The Second Expression is working out the average of the [Total Overpayments LEO %] grouped by month, so giving an average of average.

So what I need, is for the second expression to work out the average based on all of the % in the field without grouping them by month.


Any ideas?

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Assuming you are making selection in Month and/or Date field, try this

RangeAvg(Above(Avg({<Month, Date>}[Total Overpayments LEO %]), 0, 12)) * Avg(1)