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Range sum

Hi all,


I want to calculate the cumulative function for the 12 months in line chart.


1)We have two filters in dashboard  example filter 1 ([Month Year])and filter 2(PeriodTypeDescription), now the user didn't select any filter then the line chart shd show as default value with rolling 12 months with cumulative.

example if current months is jul 2019 then then my cumulative should be jun2018-July2019.

for this time period i declared the variable below this is having rollign 12 months


if(GetSelectedCount(PeriodTypeDescription)=0 and GetSelectedCount([Month Year])=0,'<=$(=date(MAX(Date),'MMM YY')) >=$(=date(AddMonths(Max(Date),-11),'MMM YY'))')


now coming to line chart expression i have set analysis calculation as below

sum({<[Data Source Type]={'MIS'},[Month Year]=,PeriodTypeDescription=>}$(vMeasure))


now how to pass this range sum above function in this ?


please provide ur sugestion





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