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Set Analysis COndition with ALternate State & Default State Condition

Hi All,

I currently have a chart with this measure:

Sum({<[Task Resource.rsrc_type]={'RT_Labor'}>} (act_reg_qty)*[Task Resource.cost_per_qty])


I would like to incorporate alternate state AND allow it to inherit default state selections too, something like:

{"State1"<proj_short_name = $::proj_short_name>} ,  {"State1"<proj_status = $::status>} and {"State1"<resource = $::resource>}


I'm having troubles incorporating them. Any help is appreciated!

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It looks like you got tangled in the Set Analysis syntax. Make sure you have all of your conditions listed in one comma-separated list. Keywords like "and" are not accepted there. You don't need double quotes for your Alt State code, either.

For quoting possible values from another Alternate State, I'd recommend using the function P(). So, something like this should fly:


Project  = P({$} Project), Status = P({$} Status), resource=P({$} Resource)


It's not too late to sign up for the next Masters Summit for Qlik event in Stockholm, starting on Monday,  where I'm teaching advanced Set Analysis, AGGR, and Alternate States. 


Oleg Troyansky