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Two developers, one license.

Hello everyone,

I've been using Qlik Sense for 9 months as a developer and I would like to know if two developers can use the same license at the same time for developing (same app in different dashboards, same app in the same dashboard, different apps, load script, master items...). Since a license has a cost, using one instead of two would reduce the cost for developing, but I guess it has some disavantage.

I know the answer is 'yes, you can use a license for two developers', but what are the arguments agree or disagree with this practise in the scenarios I've proposed before? What would happen?

Best regards,


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Partner - Master


first of all, by license terms each user needs his own license. BI is not for free but think of the saving with the right reports!

But if one user opens one application on two devices selections and change of sheets are transferd to all sessions, so you can't work in the same application.



Hello Martinpohl,

I'm absolutely agree with you: BI is not free. It's just a doubt I've about how licenses work, given that I only have 9 months of experience with a tool I've a lot stuff to learn yet.

I already knew that selections might change within the same app if two users usses it. But my question is about the QVD, the connections and so on. Is this affected? Or just the selections?

Thank you