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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Use of conditional/dynamic Indicator limit of a straight table in qliksense

In measure of a table A , I'm taking count of field1 at today's Date.

Using text color expressions I'm taking difference Count(today's) of field1 with previous date(yesterday). So that red and green colour of value can be decided.

colour condition is 

Today's count >= yesterday's count else green

Now , when I'm trying to use up/down arrow markers using indicator with condition as 

(Today's Count - Yesterday's Count) >= 0

it is not working.

The up/down arrow markers are not changing when I'm using filter 

It only works when I'm giving static value like 400 or 500 etc. But my requirement is to use conditional limit which is dynamic.

In buttons and kpi arrow markers are working but customer is having 200+ objects in one app with 60million records till now and it is making UI slow.

So to reduce no of objects we were advised to use table with multiple measures without dimension, Only indicators are not working.

Please share your suggestions.

@Oleg , @PriyankaShivhare ,






Qlik Sense Business 

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