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Contributor II
Contributor II

Using Aggr with a Pivot Table to populate a row of cells with the MAX Row Value

Using a filtered set of values from the app....

I have a Pivot Table of values that appears as below when I set MEASURES to SUM(Case_CNT).

The Dimensions are STANDARD_EVENT and OPEN_DATE

%Job completed abnormally%15413814990
%Service%is not started. Current state is stopped%425813549

I want i to populate each cell within a row of the Pivot Table with the MAX value for the row.  I want it to look like this. 

%Job completed abnormally%154154154154
%Service%is not started. Current state is stopped%135135135135


Using the following expression....


I get the table below.  Any ideas as to why the Pivot Table appears the way it does?

Any ideas as to how I get this to appear the way I need it?

%Job completed abnormally%-154--
%Service%is not started. Current state is stopped%--135-



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Contributor II
Contributor II


You have to do it at the script level. Please check if the script in the application make sense.


Contributor II
Contributor II


The Dates and Events represented in the table are changeable dynamically in the app so I do not believe the scripting approach will work.   I appreciate the suggestion though.

This issue as presented in my question is a simplification of the true issue I am working.  I  need to calculate a value based upon the ROW content.  Specifically an Upper Control Limit (Mean+2*STDEV).   I will be comparing this value against each cell in the Row.  Cells which exceed this limit are to be turned Red. 

For some reason the AGGR function I have created is unable to apply the ROW Values it produces in a consistent fashion across all the Cells in each Row.  Engaging in the simplified example highlighted this as the issue. 

I have attached a QVF file that has both the simplified example as well as my real issue.   Any additional thoughts on your part would be greatly appreciated.