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Creator II
Creator II

Yet another Master Calendar and Joins question


I've a "Master Calendar" table populated with all 366 single dates of 2020, in a field called "Order Date".

Then I've a "Orders Fact Table" also with an "Order Date" field, "Order ID" and other fields and a "Detail ID" field, and a "Orders Detail Dimension Table" with Detail ID field and other fields.

Data Model View show a correct relationship:  

"Master Calendar" -> "Orders" (by "Order Date" key) -> "Details" (by "Detail ID" key)

Now I take the "Order Date" from master calendar and put it in a chart as dimension, and "count(Order ID)" as measure.

I want to see all dimension values and zero as measure for those dates with no orders.

What I'm having now is that only dates with at least one order are shown.

Guessing I've to use join/keep but I've red docs and done many tries without come to a solution.

Could you kindly help me?

Thanks in advance.


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