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Creator II
Creator II

global variables for appId

Is there a way to set a global variable? E.g. setting an appId (grabbed from single configuration from devhub) to a global variable so that we can bypass linkage problems when migrating?

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Creator III
Creator III

The QSR API does not allow the setting of appID so there is no easy way to handle this. If you wanted to live on the edge you could copy the folder from your qlikshare/apps folder that held your app from one environment to another and update the postgres database with the associated inputs, but I highly discourage that approach.
We've handled the multi-environment approach by ensuring that our deployment process looks up the AppId of the matching app/stream combination in the destination environment. If you have apps with the same name in the same stream, well, that's no good.
We use Qlik-CLI a ton and have an automated deployment process dev--qa--stage--prod that ties the apps together even though they have separate AppIds.
Creator II
Creator II

Ah, so pretty much your handling the migration process (to make sure everything matches up when deploying) through this qlik cli command prompt/tool. Do you mind explaining how exactly you use the CLI for migration purposes? I'd like to get a better idea and possibly present this idea to use in the future because so far it sounds like what we're in need of. 

E.g. - an application created in dev that needs to be deployed to production (note - the application includes widgets and links, that are matching up to the app id hosted in the dev, how  does CLI overcome and handle this tedious task of updating hard coded links, etc when migrating to production?)