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how to write this exp in qliksense

Hello All,

i  wrote a exp in reference line in a line chart in qliksense

  count(distinct ID)...

which gives me Total line on top which is great ,but the problem is,this reference line  ignoring the X-axis dimension which is Time..

i mean let say if i got data like this

            Time                ID

              1 jan 5:00        2

              1 jan 5:30      20

              1 jan 6:00      10 

so the reference line is showing me a straight  Total line of 32 ,which suppose to a curved  line ,at 5.00 it should the reference line should start from bottom (2) then at 5.30 it should move to top(20).......in simple words a rollacosta line

so how to synchronize this reference line exp with dimension (Time) in Qliksense



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Reference lines are ... well, reference lines. Simple chart level lines with only one value. Not whatever kind of polynomial regression lines you seem to be after. So you'll have to find another way to create your curved rollercoaster line. I don't think you can do this in a basic line chart in Qlik Sense.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand

Any suggestion which charts do i need to use to show this total line ?

Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Naveen,

What you should do , Lets say you have one dimension time and one is amount and now you want to plot a line which will be a curve and follow the same manner as you want So , Drag and Drop COMBO chart and select dimension as Time and Amount or any other fact as measure and add one more Measure with expression count(distinct ID) and go to the data and click on it and select its type as Line and you will get what you want.

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Rohit Kumar

Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Naveen,

I think you are looking for some kind of 80:20 chart / Pareto Analysis ?

Please have a look at this

Recipe for a Pareto Analysis

Hope this will Help you