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i need to create stack bar chart

i have materail_desc, fees_revenue, extras revenue fields

i need to create stack bar chart,  the bar names should be fees_revenue, extras revenue. lenghth of bars need to show, each maeterail id  in different colours and corresponmding fees revenue. and extras revenue value there. Please find the sample diagram to look like. it's little urgent . Please help me 




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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

A Stack bar chart will stack items when you have either multiple measures or dimensions.

For both options, you need to select the option "Stacked" under presentation. That option will only show up if you have more than one measure or more than one dimension.

Scenario 01: 01 dimension, 2 or more measures:

Each dimension value is a bar, each measure is a stack in each bar.

Scenario 02: Two dimensions, one measure:

The first dimension is a bar. The second dimension values are stacks in each bar.


That's it. If you have 2 dimensions you cannot have more than one measure. If you have 2 or more meausres, you cannot have more than one dimension.