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Contributor III
Contributor III

positive, negative and greater than values


I have Lot of fields in qliksense table,  using two fields in qliksense table those are outstanding amount and original amount,  some values are common in these two fields, my client given some conditions for these two fields

 1. Original Amount  = Outstanding  Amount (Positive Amount)
2. If Outstanding  Amount is Less than Original Amount (Positive amount)                                                                                            3. If Outstanding  Amount  is greater than or Equal To Original Amount (Negative amount)

all these conditions should come in qliksense table order wise, how can i do this?

its urgent



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Creator II
Creator II

Set in the sort section of the Table the sort function to "Expression" and paste the following sort function:

if([Original Amount] = [Outstanding Amount],
	If([Original Amount] > [Outstanding Amount],


You can do this in the script as well and use the function Dual instead.

Contributor III
Contributor III


See the below sample data 

And also I'm given conditions, 

I want to do all the conditions in Qliksense table, 

See 4 conditions, 

I want all 4 conditions values should come order by, 

Thanks for responding