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Contributor III
Contributor III

QVD Import failing

I have gotten through the installation steps and also integrating w/ sense instructions, and was able to create a connection to my sense instance, sync folders, and QDC4QVD "sees" the 6 sample QVDs I had placed into the connected folder.

However, when running the import, I get 


Looking in the application logs, I see the following:

STDOUT from external script for entity QDC.qvdName: Reading qvd named:qvdName.qvd from folder:/qdc_host_root/media/sf_qdc_qvd/ and generating csv named:qvd_qvdName.qvd.1582148595.csv in folder:/qdc_host_root/tmp/Error message: Cannot open file: 'lib://input_connection/qvdName.qvd' (Native Path: ***). Error code: 11020;
Error processing QVD: qvdName.qvd. Script: QVDExport:
LOAD * FROM [lib://input_connection/qvdName.qvd](qvd);
STORE QVDExport into [lib://output_connection/qvd_qvdName.qvd.1582148595.csv] (txt, delimiter is ' ');

Error: node qvd_2_csv_transformer.js unsuccessful, exit code: 2



also getting:

Task DockHandLoader failed [DockHandLoader[Podium-LOAD-40-QDC.qvdName.20200219164314]]com.podiumdata.base.error.PodiumFault: core.error.code.OPENCONNECTOR_SCRIPT_FAILED - OPENCONNECTOR script failed with exit code '2'
at com.nvs.core.service.impl.DockHandSvcImpl.moveDataToLoading(
at com.nvs.core.service.impl.DockHandSvcImpl.access$000(

I guess what I am interpreting here is that QDC is unable to read out of the source QVD.  I am not sure how to resolve this though, as through Linux (even as the qdc user) I can navigate to, and even open these files with less <filename> and don't get any errors.  I can see/navigate to the same folders via the QMC.  


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