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API pagination


I'm having trouble setting up Qlik Sense Desktop to pull data in from our ticket system Freshdesk due to issues with pagination.

API call in the following structure:


There's also a URL returned in the response header in the following structure:

Link: <https://domain.freshdesk.com/api/v2/tickets?page=x>; rel="next"

What are the correct settings for pagination in the data connection? Is URL possible, or does it have to be custom script?

An important point: there's nothing in the headers that refers to total responses from the query, so if the API call actually returns 50,000 tickets I wouldn't know and I'd just have to loop through until I hit a page that has a JSON string length of < x. This is exactly what I do in a custom c# app that parses the JSON and loads an SQL server but I'm looking at Qlik as a solution that negates the need for a data warehouse.

Thanks all

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