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Add data Qlik Sense SQLite3


I have a question regarding database use in Qlik Sense. I connect to the database using ODBC, setting up a SQLite3 link. In Qlik Sense I use this link to make a new connection and everything works seems to work fine. However when I go to 'Select Data' it only shows empty tables. I've tried most things and after some time I could use the data in the tables using this method:


SELECT * FROM Article;

After pressing 'Load Data' I go to app-overview and open a new worksheet. When I press 'Edit' and go to 'Fields' on the left, I can use the Article table data.

My question: Is this the way it should work? I'v followed this tutorial An Introduction to Qlik and SQLite – Tech Trek the last picture from the tutorial shows table data when you select one. I do have the tables, but nothing shows when I select one. Also it says Database undefined - Owner undefined. Any suggestions?

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Hello All

I have the same issue. I have set up a 32bit ODBC connection to a 32bit Access database but when I preview the tables I cannot see any data.

I am currently following this guide on Qlik Sense Help Scripting for beginners ‒ Qlik Sense

See below - also undefined user.

ODBC issue.PNG

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I am having the same issue here...




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Hi Chiel,

First of all, As I heard there are some issues with ODBC connection in Qlik Sense 3.0. What I know about SQLite3, Please prefer OLE DB connection for connectivity. then you can get the physical tables. Please check first on premise that your connection OLE DB is working fine if yes then Use Qlik Sense.

Note: Please check your user permissions on the database.

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Hi Chiel,

This is a known bug (number QLIK-60071), it is tagged as fixed in 3.0.1 and later.

Please open a support case with us if you can still reproduce in a later version and we can re-open the investigation in that case.

Best regards,

Damien Villaret

Qlik Support

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