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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Benefits of SAP SQL Connector over HDBODBC driver


Would you know, in short, what are be the benefits of SAP Connector over HDBODBC?

The main purpose would be a QV connection and data extraction from SAP S/4 Hana.

From what I have read, the main convenient is that the source tables are automatically exposed once a connection with SAP connector is established, in comparison to a HDBODBC driver, where tables are not always visible. It seems that the solution would be knowing table names upfront  in order to extract data. So does this mean that even if the tables are not visible in the ODBC wizard,  as long as I know what table name to target in the script, I can still extract any data I need with a driver connection?

Also, it seems that some measures would have to be aggregated in order to be extracted:

So far, I found this post:

Could you please share from your experience regarding QV SAP Connector (SQL) vs. HDBODBC driver?

Thank you,


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