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Creator II
Creator II

Connect to 2 OLEBD Sources?

Hi All,

I have 2 OLEBD data sources that I need to connect to, at the same time! Is it possible? 

They are an exact copy of each other, table structure, naming conventions etc are the same, just the information within them is for two different countries, and I need to compare the data held within each.

Is this possible, or do I have to export the information I need from one, and import it to the other to compare it?

Thanks guys!


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Hello @dinicholls , yes, this should be possible, keeping them in separate tables.  Example here: 

For the actual creation of the connections, you may be able to 'Select data' from the connection, add it to the load script, then Select data again, and add the next set of data, and so on.  Or you may need to create a second connection using the same OLE DB driver to a different source as shown here: 

I hope I understood the scenario correctly and that this helped.

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Not all kinds of comparing the data would be possible with the following method but they is very simple and may reduce the amount of the (non-equal) data significantly. It's just a concatenation of the tables and then within the UI subtracting the results, for example something like this:

tx: load *, 't1' as Source from t1; concatenate(tx) load *, 't2' as Source from t2;

and then pulling the relevant (all) dimension-fields in a table-chart and using an expression like:

sum({< Source = {'t1'}>} MeasureField) - sum({< Source = {'t2'}>} MeasureField)

If the data per row are equally the result would be 0 and zero as result could be hidden (it's an object-property) and this means only non-equal rows remains.