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Daily automatic update with PostgreSQL does not suddenly work anymore.


Qlik Sense Cloud.
I have an issue to get the daily automatic update to work with PostgreSQL.
Or actually it did work for many weeks, but suddenly stopped.

I have scheduled several of my App:s with a Daily frequency update, and each time it fails.
Also, if I manually right-click on the App, and select ”Refresh published data”, it also fails (error message ”Failed to refresh – try later again”). 

However, if I open the App, go into Data load editor, and manually trigger the ”Load data” all works just fine, connection is fast, update is fast, no issues at all…

 The second thing that makes this hard to understand is, that the App:s I’ve scheduled to update Weekly or Monthly seems to work fine automatically… it is just the "Daily" ones that fail. No matter what time of day, I've tested basically all 24 hours with same result.

I also have a few App:s connected to a SalesForce database, with Daily updates, and those updates works without any issues.

What on earth could be wrong here…?

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