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Export csv file and trigger reload in Qlik Sense


This is my first time posting and I hope that my question is understandable because I'm not fully familiar with the terminology. 

I have a client that uses a csv-export funktion on a web application based on filters made by the user. Is it possible for Qlik Sense to trigger a dynamic reload with the "filtered choices" made by the user and only show the data that would have been exported in the csv. The columns are always the same but the data inside varies depending on the filters so I figured that it maybe is possible. 

Today the export function creates a csv file for the user to download but I'm wondering if its possible for Sense to somehow load the csv-file thats being created?

I hope I made the question clear.

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Generally speaking, there's no issue loading data from a CSV. If the use case is a single user and a single CSV, this should be simple and you'd have a number of options, including (but perhaps not limited to):

* Timed reloads (user will wait for the timed refresh)


* User manually reloads app from QMC

* Whatever process exports the CSV also triggers an API call to reload the app


If you have multiple users exporting multiple files to multiple locations, though, this gets a lot more complex, and you'd need to think about how Qlik should know which file / location to read and under what circumstances.


The users in this case are external users who don't have access to the qmc. The csv file is created after the user makes different choices of what kind of data he/she wants to see in a csv file, such as specific dimensions or dates. So the csv file is not a generic file but dynamic and specific to the filters made by the external user. 

The last option that you mention might be the answer but I'm not experinced in API:s that can do these kind of actions. It needs to reload the application with the filters the user chose in the previous web app which also created the "personalized" csv file and redirect the user to the Sense application.


The only action you should need is to trigger a reload of the app. Everything else you are referring to should be handled within that app's script, presumably. However, as I mentioned, this will be potentially tricky to achieve if you have multiple users creating multiple CSV files with different names/locations.


Note that QMC access for reloads is something that can be assigned via security settings, for specific user/app combinations, without allowing access to anything else in QMC. However, that approach would require the users to have a professional license, if memory serves, so using an API reload call is probably the preferred approach if feasible.