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Contributor III
Contributor III

General Web Connector

Hi there everyone  Im stucked triying to retrieve data or at least make a properly connection to a web service (SOAP) via General Web Connector  . In fact I just want some of your minutes and if its possible your guidance.

In General Web Connector (http://qlikvsenp:5555/web/connector/WebConnector) Im trying to use RawResponse (Wanting to send an XML Request with values even credentials on header to Receive an XML Response),  reading on many threads ive reached the next settings (they may be very bad) .

Method: POST

Request URI: https://myIP:myPort/MDMWSProvider/MDMService

Sorry about the next, attached you may found  what im settin on POST/PATCH/PUT Parameters (My XML Request) 

User Agent:Qlik Web Connectors

Content Type : text/xml

Headers: soapenv:Envelope

Username : Myusername

Password: mypassword

Most of the time im receiving this error : 

There was an error running the table (status code = 500, Specified value has invalid HTTP Header characters. Parameter name: name)

Again as said above it will be amazing if you can help to figure out how to do it properly.

Hoping you guys having a nice day.


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Hello! Did you ever figure out why you kept getting that error?