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Host Name: Should the ip address of the server suffice or should we have a domain name as well


I am trying to connect to Qlik Sense server via Qlik Engine API, using qsocks.js node module.

In the config file, i have to give information regarding the host name,

Following is the code for the same.

const qsocks = require('qsocks');

var config = {

   host: 'server',

   isSecure: true,

   origin: 'localhost'


qsocks.Connect(config).then(global => {



In the above mentioned code,

the host name field, what should be the format of the server name,

should the host name be written as its displayed on the browser when we launch QlikSense Hub,

or should it be and ip address of the server followed by the app name and so on.

Please help me understand how the host name is configured when installing Qlik.

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Both formats should work, but generally using host name is better, easier to understand and manage.

Erik Wetterberg


Hello Karthik,

Greetings, It would best to use the full server name here as well as in Qlik Sense Hub. We recommend that you use the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and If you only use the machine name as the host name, the FQDN must be added manually to the virtual proxy Host white list.

Thank You