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Contributor II

ODBC connection login failed

I've been struggling for 2 weeks on this error.
I have an app, working on my computer, connected to local database (test, on SQL Server 2014) via ODBC using ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server. In the ODBC, I inserted user and password to connect to the DB.
I moved the app on another computer (production) connected to a company server with SQL Server 2008 database.
I create on the second computer an ODBC connector (only available version is 10)


I give it the same name, but link it to the production server. To authenticate to the server, I insert user and password.



I select from the dropdown menu the database name and leave all other flags as prompted.
Once created, if I test it, it says connected.


I then open Qlik Sense, but if I load data, I get this error.

Si è verificato il seguente errore:
Connector connect error: SQL##f - SqlState: 28000, ErrorCode: 18456, ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user ''.
L'errore si è verificato qui:



How do i could fix it?

If I unlock the script, I can edit the connection, select the ODBC just created, and insert user name and password.





Then it gets difficult to manage the tables, I loose the bubble view, and if I let the system create again the script I have errors on table names... that's not the way I want.
It's like the user and password inserted in the ODBC connector are overwritten by those inserted in Qlik Sense, and moving the app from one PC to another one, it still uses the username and password of the old PC.

Thank you, any advice would be appreciated because I'm really stuck.

Thanks, Fabio


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Creator II
Creator II

I have the same problem. Is there already a solution here?